I have a confession. I have jumped on a bandwagon. The golden latte/turmeric latte bandwagon. And, I am one of those people who asks for it with some type of nut mylk and extra hot.

I justify this by telling myself – it tastes amazing, I am helping my body recover from training (anti-inflammatory properties from the turmeric, and helped to be released by the good fats in the nut mylk), and a small dose of protein from the nuts. Totally justified right?

Here are some cafes that you can get your gold from:

Walk Don’t Run Cafe

Street Organics

Matcha Mylkbar

Urban Projuice

 Servery and Spoon

Left Field

Serotonin Dealer

Brighton Schoolhouse

Little Sunflower Cafe

Vegie Bar

Mr Hubbard Cafe

Miss Rubens Canteen

Organik Lane Cafe

Enjoy!! x