Organisations and people who can help empower you, nourish you, and inspire you: They get my thumbs up!

Body Torque Podcast – A podcast interview with Hannah MacDougall by Body Torque

Action for happiness – sign up for their weekly newsletters on all things health, well-being, positive psychology, and happiness

Brian Johnson – a philosopher who provides daily inspiring wisdom (one of those people who can easily communicate the important lessons of life!)

Greater Good Science Centre – e-newsletters with science-based insights for a meaningful life

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course – this is a free, online course. While it takes a lot of commitment, the potential benefits for your health are numerous.

Mindfulness mediations – lots of free mindfulness downloads

Russ Harris – great (free) resources for people looking to live a rich and meaningful life.

Smiling Mind – an Australian-based not-for-profit company delivering free mindfulness mediations.

TED Talks – stir your curiosity and learn about ideas worth spreading.



Race Day Preparation & Managing Burnout
Think Again
Deakin Alumni Webinar: A Leg up to Well-being


Leg Up Challenge

For your leg up challenge to any month you choose, you have one activity per day for one month to complete from the calendar – similar to an advent calendar. Your mission is to start within 5 days of reading this. You can choose to start at number 1, or align yourself with the date of the month until you have completed all activities. You can complete the challenge as an individual or with loved ones. If you choose or are inclined, feel free to use the #legupchallenge (and tag me!) on social media and I will repost one activity per day.

May these activities not only give you a leg up but promote your wellbeing and happiness.

Han xx