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Excitement was increasing last year as previous Spilt Milk café owner, Jansen Domantay, took us on the journey with him during the construction and building of ‘One Misty Guy’ (OMG).

OMG is a South-Eastern ‘burb’ gem, and is attracting locals and destination visitors alike. Set in the green-leafy suburb of East Malvern, OMG is differentiated from the nearby shops by white-washed walls, a playlist that enhances your eating experience rather than detracts from it, and naturally the man who had the ‘one misty guy’ dream.

OMG han and J

Having outgrown Spilt Milk, Jansen needed a new challenge and realised a childhood dream by opening a venue that serves breakfast, lunch, tapas, pizza, wine, and dinner. Catering for both the budget-conscious uni student and the foodies, OMG delivers fresh and delicious food for all. For those who are health conscious, I can recommend the baked-eggs (naturally given my previous baked-egg mission around Melbourne), or the quinoa & spiced cauliflower salad with broccolini, cranberries, nuts & seeds, and a balsamic glaze. If you are heading for wine and tapas, you can’t go past the grilled lamb koftas. However, if you ask Jansen, his top picks are the chicken, veggie, or lamb brioche buns or the pizzas.

Picture: OMG

Picture: OMG


Similar to Spilt Milk, the menu has been quirked up with different guy names for all the pizzas. You can take your pick from Gary, Charlie, John John, and many more. I have it under wraps that perhaps there may be a One Misty Girl at some point in the future as well. Maybe a Hannah Montanna?…

Naturally we need to talk about the coffee – the winning South Melbourne market ‘Padre’ formula has been bought over to OMG, with a stronger bean blend for espressos. If you like soft, full-bodied rich brew with notes of caramel, head for the ‘Daddy’s girl’ two bean blend.

OMG coffee

Picture: OMG

What truly makes OMG unique is not the delicious food, the beautiful space, or the best coffee in Stonnington, it is the warm and welcoming service. Jansen has imbued his staff with an ability to make you feel like you are part of the family. This makes sense as Jansen has struck the balance between running his own business and being a family man. He has trusted staff, such as wing-man Arty, who ensure that OMG provides consistent and friendly service, even when Jansen is off taking his kids to footy matches.

When customers and regulars are asked how to sum up their experience, it comes down to one word – OMG.

Picture: OMG

Picture: OMG

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