Laughter connects you with people. It’s almost impossible to maintain any kind of distance or any sense of social hierarchy when you’re just howling with laughter. Laughter is a force for democracy.

John Cleese


2020 – the year the world changed – significantly. Facts?

  • Has it been tough – yes.
  • Has there been adaptation – yes.
  • Have some things changed for the better – yes.
    • Less commuting, more cooking, a new appreciation for toilet paper, connection and exercise…
    • Meme creativity and genius covid videos – usually done to a musical
  • Have some things changed for the worse – yes.
    • Less face to face connection, less time outside (Stage 4 restrictions), job loss, mental illness increasing, suicides and deaths.
  • Will life continue – filled with waves that will batter and bruise as well as moments that bring joy, happiness, and laughter – yes.

As I sit here right now, I can feel a body that has an injury, has been hit by a recent emotional wave, and is needing to restore. A body that is adapting physiologically inside an altitude tent at my dining room table (the things we do as athletes…). A body that has a low-grade hum of contentment after completing a home gym session – Arnold Schwarzenegger watch out. A body who is feeling nourished after a balanced brekkie of carbs, protein and fat, and tasted good while eaten slowly (Masterchef 2021…?).

As I sit here right now, I can feel a soul that is weary, frazzled and scared. I can feel a soul that is grateful, aware, and resilient. A soul that feels loved and supported. A soul that also knows what loneliness feels like AND what being alone feels like. A soul that is driven and hungers for the fulfillment of cycling outside. A soul that is enriched by nature and connection. A sole that needs repair. Apparently I need a new plastic foot covering on my prosthetic leg.

Picture: David Mentha


As I sit here right now, I can feel a mind that is relatively calm after having completing breathwork and mindfulness practices this morning. I can sense a mind that has a love for learning. I can sense a mind that can be easily overwhelmed, and be filled with anxiety, stress, worry, jealousy, and comparison. I can appreciate a mind that is a powerful and a wonderful tool. I can hear a mind that cackles with glee at all the memes and videos I have experienced during the pandemic.

Like diamonds, we all have so many different aspects and dimensions. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and so many more. If we don’t restore and strengthen, we can fade and grow dull – aka “use it or loose it”. And there are SO many ways to restore and strengthen, to adapt and grow. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am bombarded by the infinite ways I could increase my well-being, my happiness, or perhaps at this point in time, find a way to make it through the pandemic.

It’s possible that we have all felt lost, angry, fearful, sad, frustrated, worried, overwhelmed, lonely, and incapable in recent times. I know I have – generally the whole caboodle every day. Can you also take a moment to reflect and ask yourself – have you felt joy, happiness, love, connection, happiness or other ‘feel good’ emotions recently? I would hazard a guess that yes, most of us have. Admittedly, the frequency of these emotions may not be as high as we have wanted! But I guarantee that we will all continue to feel the whole shebang of human emotions. Why? Because we are human. We have been built to experience emotions as they are valuable sources of feedback.  Emotions themselves aren’t good or bad, they can be helpful or unhelpful.


When we are experiencing unhelpful emotions, we can practice saying a simple, gentle and internal “yes” to what is arising for us in that moment, at that point in time. Saying “yes” to our present moment experience does not mean you cannot change the future, and that planning, having goals, and looking to create meaning and purpose are not important. Indeed, these things are crucially important. However, when we bring a sense of acceptance, a gentle “yes” to the present moment, we can start to shift from a place of resistance to a place where change can be created. A place of suffering to a place of acceptance.

Is it simple? Yes. Is it hard? Yes. Is it easy? Yes. For me it will be a lifelong practice. Perhaps it could be helpful for you too, and keep up the sleeve…


Remember –

  • Say “yes” to your present internal experience.
  • Keep it simple – choose one thing to focus on, enjoy and grow.
  • You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously – Sophia Bush.
  • Connect and laugh. One more meme to help with his –


Until next time,

Ride with a smile, ride with a purpose, ride in the moment,