Sometimes you can get an amazing deal through the likes of Living Social or Scoupon etc. I happened to hit upon one last week when I got brekkie plus coffees for two people -all for under $20! However, it was through the short snippet of info they provide about the organisation that influenced my purchase decision. After reading that the cafe ‘Let Me Be Frank’ (LMBF) was a recent addition to the South Melbourne cafe scene, with owners and managers heralding from neighbouring cafe ‘Zappa’, I knew that it was a no brainer.

LMBF is tucked away at the Montague Street end of Bank Street and is located in a beautiful community brick buidling that used to filled with the laughter of children when it was still a primary school. With both a funky interior and peaceful outside setting, complete with veggie patch, LMBF creates the perfect ambiance for brekkie, lunch or coffee.

Inside LMBF

Sitting outside LMBF










Now to the important stuff – the coffee and food! My long black ticked all my boxes – smooth, chocolatey, not too much citrus, and definitely not a hint of bitterness. Ex-rower and general manager, Eddie – whom was the genius behind my long black – took the time to have a chat with both Kat and myself. After discovering a number of connections and talking sport, Kat and I both fell in love with the arrival of our eggs purgatory. A delicious combination of eggs poached in a chili napoli with spinach and side of mushrooms all combined with fresh herbs and spices. Yummo.

My brekkie combo of eggs purgatory and long black. Heaven.


Needless to say that I will definitely be back for the coffee, food, and friendly faces!

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