• Baked eggs with beef, tomato, baby spinach and eggplant (staff happily removed cheese and bread for me)
  • Eggs arrived in French Cassoulet dish; a bit different to the cast-iron pans!
  • Beautiful spices, eggs still soft but not quite runny
  • A mince meet tomato sugo; this was something different and enjoyable.
  • Added sides of spinach and mushrooms.


Brunwsick food store small


This morning saw another cross-town adventure to Brunswick Foodstore. After discovering an online menu where baked eggs where mentioned, hopes were high. After ringing the store directly and discovering baked eggs were not on the summer menu, hopes were dashed. Using the power of social media to confirm, I was ecstatic to find out that the baked eggs were returning as a special for the week starting today. The planets had aligned!!

After breaking Zoe out of the Royal Melb, and an interesting reversing palava, we headed to Brunswick Foodstore on Western Street. The cafe is semi-wheelchair friendly, with a step into the cafe. We got some help from the friendly staff and other customers to lift the chair up.

The baked eggs special was a bit different to usual, and while not a whole heap of tomato sumo, I really enjoyed mixing it up (they do say variety is the spice of life). If you are across this side of town, the menu has a distinct Middle Eastern theme, and there are many delicious culinary adventures to be had.  My espresso made from a Woolloomoloo blend, roasted onsite, was smooth and packed a beautiful punch.

The cafe sits within a large open space with polished floorboards and invites you to escape the world for a short time. Thanks to the staff for answering all my culinary questions and the warm welcome.

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