Turquoise Cafe – 451 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield South

  • Shhh!! This is one of Melbourne’s best kept cafe secrets!!! Turquoise Cafe has only been open for the past 5 months and is still relatively quiet at periods if you want to take some time out of the hustle and bustle of life
  • Loved the fit out with old suitcases, tea pots, and splashes of Turquoise throughout the cafe that is themed around the Mediterranean with a Middle Eastern twist
  • We had absolutely fabulous service and the cafe is cyclist & wheelchair friendly, with attention to detail throughout
  • Ahhh, it was good to be back in the land of baked eggs; I enjoyed mine with eggplant, sides of spinach/mushrooms, and eggs were perfectly cooked  (still slightly runny), and lots of tomato sugo. Happy Hannah!!!
  • My dining companions assured me the coffee was top notch, I got into the veggie juice and enjoyed the different varieties of loose-leaf tea.
Berry Smoothie, Muesli (apparently it was amazing), baked eggs, and tea complete with timer

Berry Smoothie, Muesli (apparently it was amazing), baked eggs, and tea complete with timer


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Loco Cafe – 436 Glen Huntly Road, Elsternwick

  • The poor staff at this cafe, my friend and I bunny-hopped around the cafe until we finally got a table inside and in view of our bikes; so yes, cycling friendly.
  • Baked eggs were slightly over cooked, with standard sides of spinach and mushrooms.
  • Enjoyed a carrot, orange and ginger juice.



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Milk n Honey – Glen Huntley Road, Caulfield South

  • Have ridden past this cafe a number of times but after seeing it reviewed recently and looking up their menu, I finally made my way in
  • With a Mediterranean and vegetarian theme, I would recommend heading here for not only brekkie but lunch as well; they had some delicious sounding salads
  • But onto the serious business – the baked eggs were cooked well with capsicum, and the chef included the spinach in the dish for me and put the mushrooms on the side. Not sure if my taste buds were off slightly but the metal pan it was cooked in seeped a little into the dish.
  • Good news – lots of different juices, including my favourite of beetroot, ginger and companions (today that was carrot, celery and apple).
  • More good news – these guys have recruited a local naturopath for their herbal teas. We had the Female Health and Wellness that included ingredients such as calendula, liquorice, raspberry and at least 10 other items. Delicious.
  • Good space with some gorgeous yellow chairs; it was formerly a print/newspaper shop.
  • While service was initially ‘the standard’, after my excitement over the menu and curious inquiries, things warmed up a whole lot.
  • And last bit of good news – entirely wheelchair and cycling friendly (massive bathrooms for wheelies)

Milk n Honey

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