Nothing beats getting home from a really tough ride and sitting down with a piping hot piece of 100% Danish organic sourdough rye covered in melted butter and just-the-right-amount of Vegemite. Definitely a mouth-watering Aussie aphrodisiac. Add in a cup of coffee, The Age, kitchen bench, sun, and yes – life is complete. But where to get the aforementioned delicious, freshly-baked goodness? Head to the Sourdough Bakehouse at South Melbourne Market (Stall 42) where you can choose from 10 different award-winning recipes.


Good news though folks – The South Melbourne Market can also help you source a heap of other quality produce, is full of extremely friendly and amazing people, and makes you feel good because you know you are supporting the local economy. What is there not to love?!


My family and I have been going to the South Melbourne Market for over 25 years, and have gathered up some insider knowledge. By request, I have compiled an insider’s tips – enjoy and let me know how you go!


  • Looking for super fresh fruit and vege? Head to Fruits on Coventry; Stall 46-48

  • Check out Tony’s Meat Supply and ask for Yani or Tony – Yani does a great Greek style roast lamb.  Stall 12-13

  • Need a caffeine fix? Clement Coffee roasts their own beans and serves the high standard of coffee we are used to in Melbourne. Stall 89.


  • Delicious green olives, spiced chicken breast, and a room dedicated to cheese can all be found at Emerald Hill Deli; stall 23-24.

  • Everything from fresh hokkien noodles to green curry paste can be found at The Asian Grocery; stall 38.

  • Feeling peckish on your way around the market? Stop in the famous South Melbourne Market Dim Sims for a steamed dimmie and dash of soy. Stall 91.

  • Nothing beats a warm loaf of bread out of the oven. But when it is an organic, mouthwatering soudough free from all the nasties, you can’t go wrong. Grab a loaf at the Sourdough Bakehouse; stall 42.

  • Fresh, quality seafood is absolutely critical at Aptus Seafoods. From delicious prawns to succulent red emperor, Aptus have you covered. While your waiting why not have a $1 oyster shot; it is hard to stop at one! Stall 25.

  • Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, lentils, pulses, grains, honey, and nearly everything else can be found at The South Melbourne Nut Shop; stall 1.

  • Organic, free-range, chemical free, chicken in all shapes and forms –from skewers, sausages, to whole chickens. All located at K + L Poultry; stall 27.

  • Gorgeous teas, coffee beans, and equipment line the walls of Rita’s Coffee & Nut Shop. Get Rita to make you up a bag of blended beans according to your taste! Stall 18-19.