Dood328 – Brunswick

  • Got slightly/extremely excited about the amount of veggies these baked eggs came with – pumpkin, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower (a very underrated vegetable), and artichokes. Nutrient heaven.
  • This place is pretty laid back (hence the name, spin off of ‘dude’) – you can adjust the menu, chilled vibe, brilliant music, and is not in any way shape or form pretentious.
  • Eggs were slightly overcooked but the ability to add some more Napoli sauce fresh from the kitchen, after my meal arrived, more than made up for this.
  • Staff were friendly, and the long wait between ordering and the generous portions was definitely worth it; the anticipation was reaching max.
  • This place does have a few steps (2 out the front, and two to get into the bathroom), so semi-wheelchair friendly, and definitely lycra friendly.



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The Counter Cafe – Hawthorn

  • Had a few people instagram me or send me pictures of the Counter’s baked eggs, and as a result, I did have expectations.
  • Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief as the team at the Counter are onto a winner; eggs beautifully cooked and still runny, the dukkah on top was delicious, delicious garlic mushrooms (apologies to all who I came into contact with afterwards), and lots of Napoli sauce. Bonus points for the ability to add chilli.
  • Tiny little cafe, so if you sit inside expect to be sidled up with the person next to you. However, on a nicer day, head outside to the courtyard and stop by the cabinet that provides lots of take-home goodies.
  • Kudos to the staff who handled menu adjustments, and the tricky patron next to us, with aplomb.

the counter

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Hyde n Seek – Ashwood

  • A massively high recommendation to Hyde n Seek – it was a ‘build my own baked eggs’ session for brekkie.
  • Lots of positives – eggs were perfectly cooked, got to add mushrooms, spinach, and olives (brilliant combo), the guys had veggies juices, lots of different teas (think Afghan Green tea spiced with cardamon), and service was very personal, friendly, and welcoming.
  • There is a Middle Eastern theme to the menu, and don’t quote me, but I think the two (brothers?) are from Serbia, and are more than up for a chat.
  • Very cyclist friendly, with the sign down the bottom of the street pointing you in the right direction attached to a white bike with flowers in the basket.
  • The name is a play on their location, it is very much in the middle of residential houses. A great place to escape from the daily grind.

Hyde n Seek

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Wearecombi – Elwood

OK, not technically part of the baked eggs mission, couldn’t resist adding in Wearecombi to this post given a number of factors:

  1. You feel like you are completely looking after you wellbeing here with a menu that caters for gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and has lots of raw items.
  2. The amount of ‘super’ smoothies and cold-pressed juices to choose means that I will be back frequently.
  3. Lots of different types of milk to go with you coffee – organic, almond, soy etc etc.
  4. The team do three different flavours of Kombucha.
  5. The raw pizza (in the top of the pic) made from dehydrated almond, sunflower, flax seed organic raw pizza base, topped with raw kale pesto, seasonal shredded vegetables drizzled with a raw “cheezy” cashew sauce rocked my socks.
  6. Will be back.

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