No need to cry, Spilt Milk is delicious

No need to cry, Spilt Milk is delicious

Mar 15, 2013

Who else loves that great feeling when you rediscover an item of clothing that you used enjoy wearing? Or catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile? And then you remember how amazing the clothing item/friend is and you fall in love all over again!!

Along a similar vein, I rediscovered my love of Spilt Milk – no, not the on the floor mess -  rather, a cafe tucked just around the corner from me off the main shopping drag in Carnegie. Spilt Milk is a relatively new cafe to the ever-increasing foodie precinct (it is celebrating it’s first birthday in May this year) and quickly created a loyal following within the local community. And their recipe for success amongst high-standard of Melbourne cafes?

It naturally ticks all the boxes in terms of:

- Divine, consistently amazing coffee that includes a single origin or blend in either espresso or filter drip

- Delicious, quality food

- A relaxed and down-to-earth vibe with lots of inherent charm

- A definitive quirk through an animal-themed menu (the “sheep” i.e. baked free-range eggs served in a pan with sun-dried tomatoes, feta, and spinach on sough dough with chilli jam is one of my favourites)

- The Age available for a peruse whilst you sip your long black blend

However, it is the genuine welcome and interest shown by the husband/wife team and owners, Jansen and Sam, that have made me go back three times in the past week alone. It is a cafe where one feels valued and instantly at home. The enthusiasm, knack for remembering your coffee order, and a passion for life/coffee(!), is in my books an absolutely winning combination. Yep – I am already planning my next trip!


Spilt Milk owner Jansen Domantay – makes a damn fine coffee!

Spilt Milk on Urbanspoon

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